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Investing in a Fireplace Tool Set

Are you a first time homeowner who has acquired somewhere that has a fireplace, or have you recently moved to an area that experiences colder temperatures and as a result would

need fireplaces in the home?  If either case applies to you, you are definitely going to need to learn about your fireplace and that includes knowing what kind of fireplace tool set you need to get, so you can maintain your unit and take care of it efficiently.  There is no real rocket science behind the general care and maintenance of your fireplace, so take a look at some information that should be beneficial to a first time fireplace owner as it relates to choosing tools.

Typically, a fireplace tool set it will come with a shovel, poker, broom and stand.  Fireplace tools are available in wrought iron, brass, copper and steel  All materials used are generally sturdy enough for use in your fireplace so it really would depend on your personal taste.  It is important to remember that your fireplace tools are going to be used in an area that generates heat.  Therefore, extra care must be exercised to prevent yourself from getting burned.

Pilgrim is one of the most popular manufacturers of fireplace tool sets and they have a few lines of tools to suit different types of home and homeowners’ taste.  The Napa Forge Collection of fireplace tool sets consists of hand forged tools that are created with a lot of attention to detail.  The finish on the tools in this line is something to behold, and they carry a lifetime warranty.  For those customers who would want functional fireplace tools that also project quality, the Napa Forge Collection is the perfect way to go.

Pilgrim also manufactures their Old World Collection fireplace tool set which gives a more authentic look that would normally be seen in the historic Victorian hearth.  The Old World Collection tool set consists of items that are forged from solid steel stock, and they are also handcrafted and unique.  The craftsmanship of the Old World Collection by Pilgrim is what makes it one of the best sold collections.

If you are interested in a fireplace tool set for the purpose of helping you get used to your fireplace and take care of it, then the Pilgrim lines are definitely ones to consider.  Not only will you get top-quality products, but you will get attractive pieces that complement your fireplace well.  Remember that the amount of care you give to your fireplace will determine how long it will last and how much outside maintenance you may or may not need. 

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